The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

A little bit of springtime...

Yesterday afternoon was a very nice afternoon. The little bits of rain from the morning went away, the sun popped in and out of clouds, and I went out and cleaned out the first of many flower beds.

When we moved into the house, I noticed that the bed between the walkway and the driveway seemed to be pretty empty. There was the remains of a shrub that had been cut to the ground, a hunk that looked like dead euphorbia, and several piles of sand. I figured the sand had been on the garage floor, and then just swept and dumped.

Now that spring is spronging, there's tulip leaves forcing their way up through the chickweed, dandelions and sand, and I decided it was time to help them. I moved two 5 gallon buckets of sand off the bed (keeping one to add oil to for tool clean up, the other I'll use to ammend beds, since the sand doesn't appear to be oily or dirty), and weeded, weeded, weeded. Then I planted more of the bulbs that are a couple months overdue on being planted. Fortunately, they've been in the dark, in the cool garage, so they're not overtly sprouted or moldy.

The soil appears to be pretty healthy, brimming with earthworms. The hunk of old euphorbia was home to a bunch of tiny slugs, who've gone to live in the yard waste can with some slug bait (non-toxic to things except slugs!).

I'm brimming with ideas for the yard and need to take pencil and paper out and sketch out what's going to go where, so I can control myself at the Flower Show next week.

I also put a new primrose into my Mom's valentine pot. Two years ago, 6 weeks before she passed away, Mom bought me this planter for valentines day, with tete-a-tete daffodils (the teeny tiny ones), a primrose and a couple tulips. It bloomed, was gorgeous. After it finished blooming, I tucked it along the house, intending to put the tete-a-tetes out into the yard, but it didn't happen. Last year tarsyddad found it, with the tete-a-tetes merrily blooming away. It made me happy. So, this year, I've replaced the primrose with a pretty pink one, and stuck a couple-three tulip bulbs down in there, and think happy thoughts of my mom and her love of gardening when I see it all bloom.
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