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More Books!

Today's haul--waiting at the library for me:

  • The 20-minute vegetable gardner; gourmet gardening for the rest of us, Thomas Christopher

  • Country Garden Planner, Darrell Trout

  • The English Gardening School: The complete master course on garden planning and landscape design for the American Gardener, Rosemary Alexander

  • Growing Vegetables west of the Cascades, Steve Solomon

  • Odd lots: seasonal notes of a city gardener, Thomas Cooper

  • Pruning, Robert Kourik

  • The self-taught gardener: lessons from a country garden, Sydney Eddison;

  • On Paradise Drive: How we live now (and alway have) in the future tense, David Brooks.

  • And for anyone who likes to read about gardens and gardeners, I highly recommend the following garden stories:

    Out in the Garden: Growing a Beautiful Life, Dean Riddle
    From the Ground Up: The story of a first garden, Amy Stewart

    I see a busy weekend, curled up on the sofa with books. :)
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