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New Yard: New Adventure

Right now, my coffee table is stacked with garden, garden design and plant books. I have a whole new garden to plan, and it's lots of fun.

I'm planning a wild cottage garden for the front of the house. The back will be a little more restrained, because I promised John I'd leave the lawn alone back there. There will be planting beds along the fences, in front of the shed, and along the back of the house. And pots on the patios. But there will also be a nice expanse of green grass to just enjoy.

One of the fun things about a new yard is discovering what's already out there. I thought that this one bed was totally barren, but now see that there's tulips popping up out there! Yay! I can tell, at one time, the yard was well-taken care of. There's old roses all over, you can see the outlines of flower beds that have been taken over by grass, the back yard beds are nicely edged. It's going to be fun bringing it all back to life again.
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