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Content Free since 2005!

Wow, this livejournal has been incredibly content free this month.

I guess I've just been busy--but I don't have tons and tons to show for it.

The house is fantastic. I still have moments when I want to twirl around in the living room and say "I bought a house with the man I love. It's so cool!". The painting is coming along, slowly, but we'll get there. This week, I promise, I'll finish the kitchen drawers. The doors? I don't know when I'll get to them, but having drawers will certainly help with organization.

Now, if only 10K would fall into my lap, to be spent only on the house and yard. What fun I'd have buying furniture!

Work is okay. With the departure of my boss, and several other key personnel, there seems to be, finally, an awakening of some upper management that perhaps things aren't quite as hunky dory as they proclaim. And, on the good side, I think they're finally willing to invest the time and energy into addressing the issue. It certainly makes coming to work each day a little easier.

My sweetie's been sick, almost since New Year's. First a nasty cold, and now the Shingles. My sweetie and his old people diseases. :) He's recovering nicely, but it did prevent us from going to Portland this weekend and visiting all our friends who are preggers. Didn't want to take any chances on infecting moms or babies with chicken pox.

And SPRING FEVER. I have it so bad I can taste it. And a whole new yard as a blank slate. I have a stack of gardening books from the library on the coffee table, and spend hours planning and plotting. I'm going to try starting lots of stuff from seed this year, and hopefully will have lots of extras. It'd be cool to have a plant sale in the spring with extra babies.
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