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It took 3 men and a truck, two trips, lots of friends (and many other pickup loads of plants and garden stuff) and cleaning the old house until 3 am, but it's done.

And now, we're homeowners and it's still fun to say "our house".

Fun facts we learned while moving:

1. The fragility of a box is directly proportional to the ease with which it can be dropped.

2. 6 people can set up a baby grand piano with minimal swearing.

3. A regular Queen Sized box spring will not fit up our stairs. Neither will a new pillowtop Beautyrest mattress with hard sides. Neither will our bed frame without taking it to pieces.

4. The cats like to run up the stairs at breakneck speed and sliiiiiiiiiiide on the hardwood at the top.

5. The box you want is rarely on top.

6. The keys for the bike rack should permanently live in the vehicle the bike rack is attached to.

7. Greased Lightening is the best all-purpose cleaning product ever.

8. Uprights from Ivar shelving make fine sheet doubling as drape holders.

9. Painting takes way longer than you think it's going to.

10. Owning your own house makes it all totally worth it.

It's fun. I never really cared about being a homeowner, but I'm liking it so far. I'll like it better when I can walk through the rooms, but that day will come soon.
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