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It's been a productive weekend, with spatterings of fun.

Yesterday afternoon, Ms. snorklet, Mr. gymgeek and I went downtown shopping. Well, we really went to Barney's, where I fell in love with an ungodly priced candle, and some Prada cologne. And some NARS eye shadow, and and and. I was good, and we only got what we actually went after--product for John. (he's definately the product maven in our house). After that, we all went for relaxing treatment at The Nail Center. Rhonda got manicured, John and I got pedicured. My toenails are a lovely dark blue-green "Glacier Bay Blues" and my heels are callous-free.

Then home, pack some boxes, and then off to the Hockey Game. Yay! There's something about some sports. It's one of the few places where it's okay, in fact, assumed, that you'll yell at the opposition. Nothing polite about hockey. I love it. Seattle won. Then home, and more boxes. The astute among you may sense a theme in my life right now.

Then, I ran out of book boxes. 25 down, many many more to go. (truth be told, though, 8 of the 25 were cds/dvds/other media). But there are many more books to pack. We picked up another 25 book boxes this afternoon.

This morning, it was absolutely gorgeous outside, so I went to play in the yard. I got all of the little plants that have come in the past week or so out of their boxes and into new pots to spend the winter--13 new daylilies, a couple huecheras, a couple ice plants, half a dozen forget me nots, some liatris and a lilac. Came in and got ready to go show the house to John's folks and some friends.

One of my friends has a self-admitted "perfect sense of color". He and I have always tended to agree on decorating--what's pretty, what's ugly and what's simply not allowed---and it was wonderful to have him help me distill what I was thinking about the new house into real live colors that I'm excited to live with. My world is not a world with white walls. We still have to decide on a few little things, but it's pretty well hammered out what colors we're going with. At this point, I have to point out that I totally adore my sweetie and partner in crime who did the house tour and just let me get giddy about paint and color. I know that he'll object if he doesn't like what I'm heading towards, but most of the time, he just lets me run, which is lots of fun. I'm a lucky girl.

After we left the house, we went for some tasty fried chicken (there's an Ezells less than a mile from our new house. DANGER!) with his mom and uncle, then headed home.

I collected some of the yard art to get packed up for the move, dug a few more daylilies from the yard into pots. There are so many things to dig out there. I hope next weekend is fairly dry, so I can just systematically work my way through the beds.

I'm thinking it's time to go make some veggie soup for dinner (to counteract the yummy, yet greasy fried chicken) and start sorting clothes that are't going to survive the move.
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