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Sunday Fun!

After sleeping in late (we stayed up way too late last night, with good food, lots of alcohol and good friends), we got to go crawl around inside the house today. The realtor wanted us to be able to see it again, and took the opportunity while we looked it all over to sit in the sun and relax. :)

Gordon, Tessa and Rhonda went to take a look, too. It was fun.

I'm even more excited, if that's possible than I was before. I'm thinking about paint colors, and what I want to do with this part and that part....It's lots of fun.

And today, we took lots of pictures. As soon as I can get John to toss them on the server, I'll post a link.

Inspection is tomorrow. Keep happy thoughts that there's nothing fundamentally wrong. :)

After that, it's 30 days, and we can start ripping out the protective gold hi-low carpet, that's protecting the oak hardwood floors. :)
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