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Weekends are for relaxing.

What a nice weekend.

Friday night, we took off for Ocean Shores. Battled some traffic through Tacoma, but were to the beach by 9 pm. Mmm. Smell and hear the ocean. It's a good thing.

Slept in Saturday morning, goofed around, went to the Quinnault Indian Casino for Breakfast, and a little pre-fire gambling. Put $40 into the slot machines (it took a while!), and then won it all back at the blackjack table. John played blackjack and craps and had lots of fun.

Headed for the beach--it still seems wrong to drive on the Beach, even if it is "the Pacfic Coast Beach Highway". Meet up with Sonja, Tito, Eli, Lisa and Todd and had much fun. Other people trickled in over the next several hours. Kites were flown, frisbees were tossed (it's a lot of exercise when no one throws well!), Tito dug a great big hole in the sand. As usual, Todd was in charge of building the fire, and did quite well. We roasted hots dogs and sausages of various sorts and ate way too much junk food. It was all good. Finally extinguished the fire around midnight. Just good times.

John woke up feeling poorly in the middle of the night, so we didn't linger much at the beach Sunday morning. Headed home, stopped in Puyallup to visit with the folks and Grandma, drove by a couple of houses on the way home, and got home to happy-to-see-us kittens before dark. John unwound with some City of Heroes. I watched Clean Sweep.

He's taking a sick day today, and I'm at work, wishing I was at home, either digging in the yard (a friend dropped off large pile of pots over the weekend) or working in the house. But I guess keeping the job is important until we close on the house, so here I am. Bright. Shiny. Happy.

Realized that the house hunt gives me a reprieve in job hunting. That's kinda nice. :)

My stomach is trying to convince me it's hungry. I think it's just had way too much junk food the last couple days. Time to get back on the weight watchers bandwagon. 4 weeks until the end of my contest with my sister. I need to average 1.4 pounds loss per week to win. I can do that.
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