The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Plants, plants...

Man, there's a lot of plants in my yard that I'm going to have to dig up when we move (don't laugh tarsyddad). I decided today, that since it's getting toward the perfect time to be digging and dividing perennials anyway, I should just start digging them and putting them into nursery pots, so that they can easily move when we do. Some things I can leave, but lots of things, I'm going to take with us.

So, if you happen to have some extra nursery pots just laying about--you know, the ones you've been meaning to take back to the nursery to recycle--especially if they're a gallon or more--let me know, I'd be happy to take them off your hands....and maybe even send something back to you. Some of those nursery flats would be nice, too, so that we can pack them a flat at a time. It's still going to take a bunch of loads to move things...but I'll have good excuses to start working on the landscaping immediately---the plants need new homes!!!

Decided that instead of rearranging the office bookshelves, we probably should just pack the fiction and things in the office that we don't use very often, and make it one less project we have to do when we find a place--because we're certain that we're going to do this, and going to do it in the near--rather than far---future.

So, time to make the cats nervous with packing boxes. :) And sort and purge and all that fun stuff, too.
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