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That was fun.

Well, the xray technicians didn't scream and say "look at the size of that" when they checked my xrays, so I guess I'm going to live. :)

Doctors just shouldn't say brain tumor in any context when you have a headache.

Got a bag full of drugs to try, and based on the result of the xrays, might get something more.

I really hope this is just a recurrent sinus infection, nothing more.

I'm getting nervous, though, that it might keep me from doing the triathlon next week. I know that my health is more important, but it's making me feel wimpy and weak to keep planning to do these things and having my body thwart me. hiddeneye, I did ask about earplugs for swimming, she said she wanted to see what was going on in my sinuses first, before making that recommendation.

I told gymgeek this morning that if I'm not able to do the reebok next weekend (I don't want it to turn into another $50 t-shirt, but I'm also not willing to make myself sicker to do it. The only person I have to prove anything to is myself, and the fact that I *can* now swim half a mile, and walk/job 3 miles is something I already know.) I'll sign up for one of the fall 5 or 10K races. That and I am training for the half marathon in January (which reminds me, I really need to get started on that fundraising).

Bleh. I hate it when my body has different ideas than my brain.
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