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Whee fun.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get my head examined. :)

Went to the doctor's office today, my normal (can I say that after only seeing her once?) doctor is out this week, so I saw someone else in the practice. She was really dismayed by the choice in antibiotic that the first doctor gave me in July. Apparently it's a hard-hard-core antibiotic, not usually given for routine sinus infection, blah, blah, blah.

She did give me other things to treat symptoms, and clear out some of the congestion, and wants a sinus xray before prescribing anything else. She says that it's easy to see that they're really swollen and irritated, but she wants to be sure everything's okay (which again, has me thinking "oh no, it's a brain tumor masquerading as an allergy") before going any further.

On the good side, I did leave work 2 hours early, and will go in several hours late tomorrow. To reward myself for not putting it off and calling the doctor, I allowed myself to buy the Hebe 'Amy' I found at Ravenna Gardens on the way home.

I hate feeling half-way crappy. Not sick enough to just lay on the couch and watch TV, but not feeling really enthused about doing much of anything else. *whine whine whine*
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