The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

I'm very happy it's Friday.

I'm a little concerned that my sinuses seem to be acting up again. I don't have the time for another sinus infection. I've broken out the Afrin again, if it's not better by Monday, I'll go see Dr. Georgina. I'm not spending another $50 on a t-shirt without doing the race. :)

I'm very happy it's Friday.

I'm working on immigration stuff today. It makes my head hurt. The 65,000 limit for new H1B's to be issued starting 10/1/04 has almost been reached. This means that if we want to process any new H1B applications, we need to get them in very quickly. It's really not an issue, except that it means that we'll have no H1B access until 10/1/05. Which just means that we can't hire anyone who doesn't already have full legal authority to work in the US. Current H1B holders aren't affected by the cap. (Being a technology company, H1B is an important issue to some of our employees.)

I'm very happy it's Friday.

The Mariners continue their slow descent into the sub-sub-sub basement of major league ball. I'm on the "get rid of Melvin" bandwagon. It just doesn't make sense that starting with the same personnel, he's taken the team that was the #1 team throughout the season, winning 116 games, to a totally rebuilt team that can't hit their way out of a thin paper bag on any given day. Thank God for Beer and BBQ at the ballpark.

I wonder if Safeco Field still sells more coffee than beer. The first year, we were the only major league ballpark that sold more coffee than beer.

I'm very happy it's Friday.

I hope it's nice tomorrow. A couple friends and I have plans to go pick blackberries. It's nicer to forage in good weather.

Okay, enough rambling, back to work. Bleh.
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