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Holiday Frenzy!

I admit it, I'm a sucker for the holidays.

Brightly decorated houses make me smile. I love the smell of christmas trees. I love baking, wrapping presents, and being in the middle of it all. Heck, this year, I've even finished my Christmas cards (no, they're not mailed yet, but soon!).

This weekend, John's helping me get a tree. A big tree. It's been years since I had a big tree. The apartment on Boren just wasn't right for a big tree, the radiator heat that we couldn't control made it hard to keep it from drying out, and little trees, while cute, just aren't the same. Last year, I just never got one. The house was a disaster, and I found it hard to get into the christmas spirit. How do you decorate clutter, anyway?

But this year, I'm feeling more in control of the house and the season's hit. So bring on the big tree. I even went out and bought more lights, just in case.

Tonight, we get to pick up John's tux. Active Voice has a semi-to-formal Holiday party every year, so it's a great excuse to dress up (and he looks Very Good in a tux). Friday is a baking night. Saturday, there's a million errands to run, and a party to go to.
Sunday: The Tree. :)

I can't wait.
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