The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Easing slowly into the grind...

I have been a slacker of sorts, all week.

Back in the office on Tuesday, putting out little fires that errupted while I was gone, but nothing too bad.

Took Wednesday off (chronicled in the previous entry) and had a thoroughly enjoyable time being a housewife during the day, and going to see They Might Be Giants at the Woodland Park Zoo that evening.

I do believe it was the mellowest TMBG concert I've ever been too. I don't think they're used to people sitting on the lawn just nodding along. "Come on, folks, this isn't a bluegrass concert! Stand up!". We entertained a brief notion of driving to Vancouver, BC on Thursday, after work, to see their show at the Commodore Ballroom, but common sense (and sleep-deprivation) prevailed. We did decide to be TMBG groupies on their next West Coast Swing, maybe follow them from San Francisco to Portland to Seattle to Vancouver!

Thursday, I managed to work a couple hours, and then spent the afternoon at Safeco Field, watching the Mariner's bumble through another bad ballgame. My poor Mariners.

Today, it's an entire day in the office, but all the exec's are gone, the phones are quiet, and there's not much going on, other than the stuff on my desk. It's kinda nice that way. It's been pretty productive.

This weekend, I wantneed to spend some time in the yard. Joe (the landlord's dad--the epitome of the old Italian gardener) came by and "helped" with some clean-up, trimming back the hedges and pulling all of my volunteer california poppies (I just can't convince him they're not weeds!). The front hill is all cleaned up, but looking rather bare, so I'm going to add some more lavender, and check if Home Depot still has creeping rosemary--or run up to the nursery and look for perennial geraniums. It's also time to check out Colorblends to figure out which bulbs to add to the front hill. I think I'm going to stay with the yellow/purples/whites for up there, but could add a lot more, and do some layering for blooms at different times. I need a dibble, sooner than later!

I really should check my lotto ticket to see if I'm a multi-millionaire. If so, then I can just get a new yard to play in. :)
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