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Is it Friday yet?

I'd much rather be at home than at work. But seeing as I only have 4 days in the office until I have 7 days off, I shouldn't complain.

What a wonderfully relaxing weekend. After being sick for the last two (and not knowing exactly why), it was nice to relax at home, run around, and just relax.

Saturday, we got up early and beat the heat and the throngs to Home Depot, for the last parts for the veggie garden irrigation system. gymgeek is the master of pcv pipe/soaker hose constructions, and we have a wonderful, functional, low-flow soaker system. He's my bestest handyman.

Saturday evening, I went to the baseball game with my friend Mark. Man alive--our seats are in right-center field, and in full sun until about 8:30. Luckily, there was a good breeze, so it wasn't horrible. And when the sun got below the lip of the stadium, there was a collective sigh of relief as the apparent temperature dropped by 10 degrees. Unfortunately, the Mariners didn't do well, but the game was still fun.

Slept in on Sunday, then went to Puyallup to hang out with John's family. John continued his handy ways and put together a 7 foot tall wine rack for his mom.

Today, I'm making a vow to be somewhat productive at work, walk to the market at lunchtime (both for the exercise and some fresh cherries!) go home and do the housework that I ignored yesterday, and hopefully get some plants planted. Chubby and Tubby's had this huge beautiful eggplant--in full bloom--for $.99. How could a girl resist? I should have gotten a couple of them.
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