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Disappointing setback

I didn't do the triathlon today. I'm disappointed, but being realistic about it.

I got sick (again) yesterday morning, when we went swimming in the lake--even worse than last week--throbbing headache, nausea, tossing my cookies--it wasn't fun. I came home and slept for most of the day.

I did go pick up my race packet, hoping that I'd feel better, but came to the conclusion that it was stupid to try it feeling as poorly as I did. (and even after sleeping for 10 hours last night, my head and ear are still aching). I'm going to schedule a doctor's appointment, to see if there's something obviously wrong, and go back to training.

There's a half mile open water swim in August, and another women's sprint triathlon in September....and a half marathon in January.

So i'm not quitting, it's just a temporary setback.

Many many thanks to all of you that have been so supportive. I'll still do it. It'll just take a little longer...
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