The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Rain, rain go away....

Wouldn't you know, the first time we've had precipitation in god knows how long is the day we've planned for weeks and weeks to have a yard sale.

Right now, we're just kinda of waiting, and judging the weather. The signs are ready to go up, but we need to be sure we can get stuff out beore we do it. Right now, most of the stuff is in boxes in the living room, waiting to be whisked out to the front yard.

The downside of not having a Garage. Garage sales work, rain or shine. Yard sales---not so much.

Update: started setting up about noon, betting that the lighter gray meant that the rain was done. By 2 pm, it was full-on sunny. We moved quite a bit of stuff, and hopefully will see more go tomorrow. Scared us silly when an older woman lost her balance on our front steps (the ones between the sidewalk and our front yard) and fell. She scrapped up her elbow, but insisted she was okay. While recovering from her fall, she wanted to see the VHS tapes that she's stooped over to look at on the stairs when she fell. Her companion told us that she'd had a stroke last year, and that her balance on her left side is not so good. Overall, a very scary moment.

Another 5 hours tomorrow, and then most of what's not sold goes to Goodwill. Hooray!
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