The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

cheesepuppet's Friday 4

1. Name 4 pets you have owned and the names you gave them.
Casper the cat (because I couldn't say Felix)(I was three). Sophia Marie (the princess cat). Captain Batty of the Fu-Manchu's (also a cat). Captain Frank (a Plecostumus).

2. Name 4 weird talents your pets had or feats they accomplished.
Sophia can turn from sweetness to evil in less than .001 seconds. Captain Frank hung out on a boat shaped figurine in the bottom of the guppy tank. Uschi (our minature doxie) would walk on her back legs. Judy (my mother's siamese cat) could beg for pineapple.

3. Name 4 of your favorite wild animals.
Tigers. Zebras. Panthers. Blue Herons.

4. What 4 animal kingdom traits that you don't have would you like to have?
Run fast and far. Fly (oh man, I'd love to be able to fly). Swim underwater for long periods of time without breathing. Be beautiful and dangerous at the same time.
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