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Garden List

Things I need to do in the garden
By Meg, Age 42.

    replant arum bulbs
    rearrange pots on back patio

      move daffies to side of house
      move rose to front yard

      move unblooming peonies to side yard
      move butterfly bush to front yard
      move lions head planters to back patio

    plant dahlias into nursery pots
    plant Martha Washington geranium + african daisies in large terra cotta pot
    plant fuschias into hanging basket

    plant begonias into vase planter
    repot chocolate cosmos
    Pull grass from front hill (partially done)
    Plant front deck pots
    Move Red Pirate day lilies to front (interplant with ginger day lilies along walkway) (changed my mind)
    Finish removing dead photina stump
    Plant columbines (when they arrive from tarsyddad
    Think about tomato cages
    Replant primroses to see if they'll return
    Weed behind lilac
    Prune lilac suckers, dead blossoms (I'm sad that the lilac is all done)
    Start seedum for Eileen
    Plant new seedum bowl for gymgeek
    Reposition bricks for walkway
    Plant climbing nasturiums/purple hyacinth beans in hanging pot on fence
    Stakes for hollyhocks
    Stakes for lilies
    Hot glue mushroom caps (and put them out in the garden, too!)

    turn strawberry pot into herb pot
    plant second spanish lavender (buy 2nd spanish lavender!)
    Take photos (and work with John on website)
    Get annual geraniums for instant color
    Check to see if hardy fuschias are going to make it They are! Hooray!
    Plant upside-down pot (climbing nasturiums?)
    Seed nasturiums under boxwood (planning it for 3 years, just do it!)
    Weed brick patio
    Sweep back patio
    Move compost bin
    Set up food waste composter
    Replant old trilliums, plant new trilliums
    Think about perennial shade plants (calidiums, astilbe) around vase planter

    And even more!
    finish soaker system for veggie beds
    plant carrots/beets
    re-seed radishes
    mulch daylilies in front--maybe add soaker hose?
    give in and buy sweet peas, plant alongside house in pots for flowers
    Seed sweet peas for later summer flowers
    re-distribute soil around new brick stepping stones.

    Acquire a few more used brick for stepping stones.
    Adhesive for glass stepping stones, seal concrete.

    But wait, there's more
    Replace white cosmos that became snail food (damned snails)
    Figure out something to plant beans in (window box?)
    Pick up peppers at Metropolitan Market
    Plant baby bok choi seeds
    Plant marigolds in the veggie beds

it never ends!

But then there were additions, as I finished things:

    Buy bean seed (preferred, Renee's Gardens tri-colored bush beans)
    Buy snapdragons for front hill color--consider perennial geraniums for long term solution
    Fertlize veggie bed
    Fertilize rose of sharon tree
    More water for climbing rose in front (aqua cone?)
    Use florist wire to make coir liner fit in fushia basket

    Paint Patio furniture (I can't believe this didn't make my list!)
    Get rest of cushions (for outdoor chairs) from Don (next weekend!)


I'm sure I'll think of more as the dayweek goes by.
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