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Good Meg: It's time to go to work.
Whiny Meg: I don't want to go to work.
Good Meg: Work is good. It's what you do.
Whiny Meg: If I won the lottery, I wouldn't have to work.
Good Meg: Work pays the bills. Bills gotta be paid.
Whiny Meg: But it's boring. It's trivial. It's micro-managed to death by people who aren't even in my chain of command. I hate that.
Good Meg: It's what you do, unless you take steps to do something else.
Whiny Meg: I'm buying a lotto ticket. Powerball is 55M I could easily live on that.
Good Meg: Maybe what you need to do is read the classifieds and get back on track applying for more challenging jobs that intrigue you.
Whiny Meg: But that's work. I'd rather whine.

This is me, trying to wrap my head around my attitude to my job lately. I don't like not being enthused about work. I like my co-workers, and the parts of my job that let me take care of them, but it doesn't solve all the not-happy parts.
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