The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Hollie's Friday Four!

Name four:

...things that you have to do before going to sleep.
1. count kitty noses
2. pee
3. check the alarm
4. take off my glasses

...ways in which you're happy with your day.
1. It's sunny.
2. I'm at home, not at work.
3. Sophia's forgiven me for flea-treating her
4. My new, cute overalls came

. ...things that you ate last.
1. bits of pepper (red, orange and green) that i was chopping for pasta sauce
2. chocolate milk (does drinking count?)
3. A spoonful of fat-free cool-whip
4. A slice of leftover veggie pizza

....of your favorite body parts (on yourself)
1. my eyes
2. my iridescent toenails
3. my hands
4. my newly found bicep muscles
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