The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Happy Hump Day!

Despite my total annoyance at somehow becoming the main receptionist for the company (a long and involved story, we'll just call it "other duties as assigned"), it's not a bad day at all.

Weight Watchers was a pleasant experience. Down 1.6 this week, to a new high (low?) of 36 pounds gone! That's 15% less of me! Yay!

I'm excited because we're planning our August vacations.

The first one is a family camping trip to Montana, with the purpose of scattering my folks ashes at the ranch where my mother grew up. It's going to be fun, but I think my sister is thinking it's going to be some idyllic family bonding experience. I'm thinking that 25 people and kids, with no water, no electricity and no convenient grocery store may be less than idyllic.

The second one will be a kick. We're going to Las Vegas to celebrate gymgeek's 30th birthday. It seems like lots of friends are going to join us, and we'll have a rollicking good time. Planning it all is a lot of fun, too.
Mmm. Vegas. Sunshine. Blackjack. It's all good.

Only two more days to endure until the Tilth Plant Sale. I'm working and refining my list, trying to focus on a couple less than sunny corners of my yard. The little butterfly bush that's sitting back there now would really prefer being (1) out of the pot and (2) somewhere with a little more sun. Right now monkshood and a bushy, heirloom, non-climbing clematis are top on the list. tarsyddad and I have been going nuts, we're like kids waiting for a trip to Disneyland.

I love spring. Warm and sunny one minutes. Stormy and hailing the next. I'd been talking with a friend about my long-held not-so-secret desire to go storm chasing (yes, like tornados, like the movie Twister, Bill Paxton would just be a bonus!), and then we ended up with a pretty good little windstorm last night--downed trees, hail, thunder and lightening. I really miss midwest thunderstorms.
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