The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Pink Stripe!

Normally, I like pink. I like stripes. But when the pink stripe is a stripe of sunburn, down the part where my hair was in (v. cute) pigtails, it's not as great.

I was out doing Master Gardener volunteer work yesterday at Bradner Gardens Park. It was glorious and warm. The garden is starting to bloom. I got to meet up with people I haven't seen all winter. It was great. I should have worn a hat. :) (I did remember sunscreen for my shoulders and face).

Right now, it's 72 and gloriously sunny. I really really really want to get out of the office and take a walk.

Did a lot of home garden work this weekend, too. Finally cleaned up the junkpile of abandoned garden-by-product (empty pots, dead plants, old burlap wraps) alongside the house, preparing to spread some gravel and put pots of dahlias along the walkway. Watered and fertilized, and finished potting the rest of my pineapple lilies, which should have been planted a month (or two) ago. Sat and pondered the pots, wondering what's going to go where, repotted the clematis from their small hanging pots into bigger pots that they can live in for several years. I just need to add some trellising, and they'll serve as a handy screen from the alley.

Getting excited about the Tilth Edible Plant Sale this weekend, even though it means I'll have no mad money for May, it'll be worth it. (May's mad money goes to baseball tickets and plants--Woo!)

Okay, I'm outta here before the front desk phones ring anymore.
Somehow the group of 8-10 that was supposed to help answer has shrunk to a group of three. I think it's lousy customer service, (even though I'm happy that our front-desk person gets a new position with more hours).

I'd rather be home gardening (with a hat on!)
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