The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Quiet Week.

It's a quiet week at the office. Lots of people (including my boss, and ohno-san) are gone, it's good quiet productive time.

And next week promises to be quiet as well. It's really nice after the breakneck pace of the past month or so.

I have dreams of conquering some of the paper build-up on the back credenza. I know that there's a surface underneath all that paper. I just know it.

Swimming last night was fun. We shared the lane with a mother and daughter. The daughter was 12 or 13, all arms and legs and energy. In another year or two, she's going to grow into herself and be stunningly gorgeous. And if there was a way to bottle that energy? Man. Slowly adding endurance to the swimming, stringing laps together. There's just something about the end of the pool that causes me to want to stop. Maybe open water swimming will be different, without a forced direction change every 25 yards.

Then this morning, I went back to the walk/run cycle on the treadmill. I've been slacking on it, and it's time to pop it back up again. The increased aerobic capacity is showing though. It's nice not to feel like I'm going to die after doing some fast jogging.

Now, the goal is to up the frequency again. We've been trying to get up and go in the morning, but so far, it's averaged about once a week. I need to start getting up and doing something most weekdays--either heading to the gym,hitting the street, or even popping in a tape. Only three and a half months until the triathlon---and lots of progress to make.

Okay, off for more tea, and back to the grindstone.
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