October 12th, 2007


Domestic Friday

It's my "regular day off". We're experimenting with flexible work schedules at work, so I've been working a 9/80 schedule--meaning that in the 10 day pay period, I work 80 hours in 9 days. That gives me every other Friday as a "regular day off" and it's wonderful!

Today, I got up, rode to work with John (it allows him to be a carpool up 405, and I get the car to run around in during the day--the truck has a load of fence wood in the back, and guzzles gas like no tomorrow), came home, started laundry, and started processing a huge box of green tomatoes a co-worker gave me.

Most of the tomatoes are the size of a grape--and I chopped them for salsa. After washing and sorting them out, it took about 2 hours to chop them, and I have 25 cups of chopped green tomatoes.

Now, it's time to go get a pedicure, pick up the rest of the ingredients for the salsa, go pick up John, then come home and make and can salsa. Cheaper than store bought? Probably not, but it uses a ton of tomatoes (well, 25 cups at least) that would otherwise be compost, and will be a yummy treat.

Time to upend the kitten on my lap--pedicure awaits!!