September 29th, 2007

Blue Man

Listening to the Ocean

I'm not sure if bonfires are happening tonight. It's awfully blustery and blowy here at Ocean Shores.

We gave in, I admit, and last minute expedia'd a hotel room--setting up a tent in a rained on campsite just didn't sound that appealing. Of course, I also didn't bring a swimsuit, and there's a 24 hr heated spa/pool.

But still, we're at the ocean, and that's a good thing.

Update: Technology is such a wonderful thing! I textmessaged Sonja via her LJ profile and she just called--we're going to find her on the beach! hooray!!

Blowing Sand Exfoliating Facials...

It's blustery and windy out there, but we achieved bonfire.
According to, the winds are from the south at 35 mph with gusts to 54 mph.

Circle the cars as a windbreak, dry, nice firewood, and lots of fun.

Not one of those stay on the beach until midnight bonfires, but a good time.

The young seagulls like pink bunny peeps, and look really silly flying away with them.