September 13th, 2006


There are days...

....when I really long to be independently wealthy.

Today is one of them.

I have a new boss (since May), who sometimes seems incredible cool, and we're totally in sync about what's best for employees and the company. Other times, she's totally an accountant, and doesn't appear to understand that an HR job is not neatly quantified into credit/debit columns, and that it's not always (in fact rarely) totally black and white.

Today is just one of those days when that frustration bubbles over.

I spent all afternoon yesterday with our employment attorney, and actually got to talk HR with a colleague--someone who understands that almost every issue I deal with has a multitude of sides, and there's often not one right answer. It was heavenly. I miss having colleagues.

Now, back to the nit picky work.

Probably doesn't help either that I know John is at home all day. I'd rather be home with him, even dealing with the furnace guy and doing home stuff, than be here.

On the subject of wealth...or water.

...that big "thud" you all heard was the water bill for the last couple months hitting the mailbox. I'm surprised it didn't pull the mailbox off the mounting.

Precipitation for the month of August was less than 2 percent of normal at 0.02 inches compared to the normal 1.02 inches making it the second-driest August on record --- driest August was in 1967 with 0.01 inches of precipitation. There were five days in August that had precipitation --- two days with measurable precipitation and three days with a trace of precipitation. The maximum 24-hour precipitation total was 0.01 inches on August 9 and 29. Seattle went twenty-six straight days this summer without any measurable amount of precipitation --- from July 14 through August 8. From June 17 through August 31, Seattle has only accumulated 0.08 inches of precipitation.

When you're a gardener, ouch. You have to water. You try to water smart, use soaker and drip irrigation, but still, it adds up. And then because the city measures your sewer use based on your water use, that goes up as well, even though you're not actually affecting the sewer as much as it might seem.

Today, it's overcast and misty, but not really enough to do much good, as far as watering goes. It'd be a perfect day for staying home and curling up on the couch with a book, a hot mug of tea and a kitten or two.