April 4th, 2006


Ramdom Update

cheesepuppet says I don't post enough. She should see how long it sometimes takes me to reply to email!

Still married and loving it. Almost a whole 4 months now--how time flies.

Working on the house, slowly. More and more distracted by things that are growing in the yard. It's always more fun to play in the dirt than to vaccuum the living room. Always. I have a small forest of Solomon Seal coming up in my shade bed. They're big enough, now, that I can see them from the kitchen window. They make me happy.

Work has been busy, and actually not that bad. We got through our "fiscal year end" without any major mishaps, and a lot of hard work, so now we're on to the next year. Woo.

Today has been a hard day to be inside, since it's bright and sunny outside. I have the day off tomorrow, so I'm hoping the sunshine sticks around.

Took a couple days off the middle of March to go to Sunriver for a long weekend of doing absolutely nothing. It was glorious. Heading to the Washington coast this weekend for a couple days of relaxation with some friends. It'll be good.

Then, I think we're home for some house projects.Anyone want to help rip out old fence and build new fence? I promise, it'll be fun. And it's less than a month until the annual tarsyddad and sisterfish plant spectacular weekend!!

We took a ferry boat cruise this last weekend to celebrate rubricity's birthday, and I ran into my college roommate, her husband and family on the boat. It was very much fun. Douglas had stopped to quiz coyotegirl on the color of her hair, and suddenly I realized "I recognize that voice. I recognize that guy!". It's hard to imagine, some days, that it's been over 20 years since we all were in college.

Katha and I met when I was a senior in High School. I was taking classes at Whitman, and somehow they let me into a non-entry level PoliSci class. During the war game simulation that took place, we were the only pair not to go to the doctrine of mutually assured destruction--which has lead to years of friendship....even if we only see each other every couple years, often in just random meetings....

I think I'm reacting to something I ate yesterday. Hives, welts and itching. Doesn't that sound glamorous?

Back to the salt mines.
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