January 29th, 2006


Tired and Happy.

I am truly lucky to have such an amazing group of friends and family.

Our Open House "See if we look funny married" shingding yesterday was so much fun. I'm betting it's been many many years since this old house had that many people in it. I just absolutely love the sounds of laughter and friendship in my home. It's a feeling that can't be beat. And the loot from getting married? Gotta admit it's sweet. *grin* Any excuse to go shopping.

I wish I could have spent more time with everyone. I felt a little firefly-ish, flitting from one place to another, trying to socialize and be sure that everything was running smoothly. We played the wedding video several times (its only 8 minutes long, so it's easy) and watched a DVD slide show of pictures one of our friends took in Vegas. It was great fun. Special thanks to my friend Debbie from Spokane and my mother-in-law, Nancy, who came and helped with the prep work, helped cook and generally kept me from stressing out. As usual, I always worry that someone's going to go away hungry, and we end up with more than plenty of food. :) (Anyone local wants a piece of cake or a beer this afternoon, you know where you can find it!)

Thanks to lirrin and Todd spending a couple nights with the Impish Evie, I got to answer lots of questions about the crib in the spare bedroom. Nope. Not ours. Not yet. :)

The cats are finally starting to believe that the house has been un-invaded, John's playing WoW, and I'm thinking curling up with the Sunday paper sounds good.
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