October 12th, 2005


No Bridezilla here....

But the nesting instinct is strong in this bride-to-be.

It's fun planning the things we're doing with our house, and slowly getting things done. I'm trying to plot things out so that we can have all of our painting and such done by the holidays, so that we don't have to worry about "getting the house ready" for the local reception once we get home from Vegas.

I think we tackled the two hardest rooms first, with the dark, dark paint upstairs, and hopefully the downstairs won't take as many coats. Several friends have offered to help me paint while John's on a business trip in November, so I think we'll get lots done.

Winning the lottery would help, too.

On the short list:
Curtains. It's only been nearly a year. We have some shades, but lots of open windows.
Upstairs Hallway: Sanding the spackled bits, prime and paint (celery ice)
Upstairs bathroom: Spackle, seal and sand the Determine whether grout needs to be redone. Prime and Paint (blustery Day).
Living room/dining room: sand the spackled bits, paint the ceiling, prime, paint the walls (Mysteria blue). Pull the carpet.
Kitchen Touch up, paint lower cabinet doors (asparagus), build, install plate rack, lay tile (lavender!!)
Downstairs bathroom: pull, replace medicine cabinets, vanity. Spackle and sand walls, re-do grout, prime, paint.
Guest Bedroom (needs to wait until Deb leaves in January): Spackle, sand, prime, paint (organic Green).
Den Still need to decide on colors...

So much to do, but it's doable, and fun. After the upstairs is done, we can move on to the basement (needs new flooring, dropped ceiling and paint), the laundry room (new flooring, paint) and OUTSIDE!

And yes, I want it all done tomorrow.
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