October 4th, 2005


I was bad...

...and didn't put up a protest when neither of us wanted to go to the gym last night. It was really really comfortable to be curled up against John, with a cat curled up on top of me, watching bad TV.

But we did finish the invitations. We did eat a healthy dinner. We did make a list of things to accomplish tonight, including going to the gym (but moving the faucet back another day).

Took a look at the back yard, and it looks like the squash are finished. Time to grab the last few out of the plants, and send the plants to their greater reward as mulch. Need to pick and pickle the lemon cucumbers that are out there, and get the garlic (courtesy of unmisha planted. I wonder if Earlington's has winter starts of lettuce, since I've been lazy and not gotten any seed planted...
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