September 6th, 2005


working for the weekend...


And this one was a super-long one for me. I'd already planned to take Friday off, and make it a 4 day weekend, but totally forgot I had baseball tickets for Thursday afternoon, so it was a full four and a half day weekend.

Baseball was good. They beat the Yankees, I got some sun, and got to hang out with my friends at the ballpark. Life is good.

Friday, I hung out with tarsyddad and her mom for a while, we got much needed pedicures and generally had a good time. They came over to see the progress we've made on the house, and we totally avoided going to the sale at Earlington Nursery--which is probably good for everyone's wallet.

Saturday morning, I got up and went to a class on aromatic plants at the Ethel Dupar Fragrance Garden and ended up with private instruction. I was the only person who showed up. It's a great garden in the process of being rebuilt, and I think I'm going to adopt it as a volunteer project.

Got home, and the pulling of blue carpet commenced. The bedroom actually looks bigger, I think, without the old blue carpet in there. The floor is in okay shape--not perfect--but totally liveable. The cats make a lot more noise chasing each other around on the wood floor than they did on the carpet, that's for certain.

Next up: De-carpeting the stairs. Then the living room and dining room.
We're going to need a bigger truck!

Saturday night, I played DnD groupie. I don't play the game, but I love listening to Gregg's stories. So, while they were debating mundane stuff, I read my book, and then listened to Gregg's stories of his world and such. Suddenly, it was after midnight.

Sunday, we just hung out, ran errands and sorted clothes. We sorted out 4 garbage bags (granted, tall kitchen bags, but still a lot of stuff) that we put out this morning for the charity folks to pick up.

Monday, we spent the day at John's folks. I adore his family. I'm really lucky to have found such a great guy with such a great family. We got home late last night, and John digs a small box from his pocket. His folks gave him his great-grandmother's ring to give to me. It's pretty, old-fashioned and it made me cry. I have a Safranek family heirloom--I'm now going to be the 4th generation in his family to have this ring. It's very special to me.

Today, I didn't want to go back to work, but it's been a fairly good day.
Busy enough to keep me entertained without pulling out my hair. And look! It's already after 4 pm. That's a good thing.

Tonight, we're supposed to go get a new lawn mower from a craigslist person. Anyone want to buy a less than one year old mulching mower? I've pulled out enough of the lawn so that it's less easy to justify a gas mower--we debated long and hard about gas vs reel when we bought this one, and now we're switching. And then we need to come pick up the rest of our tile from the office. We tried last night, but my keys hadn't gotten back to where they were supposed to be. I have them now. :)

Okay, back to the never-ending sarbanes-oxley audit. These rules have no basis in this reality, but onward we go...
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