May 25th, 2005


Drilling for something....

I admit it. I'm dentist-phobic. I'll put it off if I can. And I did.

The last dentist I went to ticked me off, the insurance wasn't cooperative, and I just never went back.

The time had come that I needed to get my teeth cleaned, and get a couple cavities taken care of, so I asked friends, and with trepidation, made an appointment.

I like this guy. He tells me what he's doing and why, and the office seems to run efficiently. I saw him on Monday for my "first patient exam" and went back today for a couple of fillings. I see him end of next week for another filling. Unfortunately, he also wants me to see an oral surgeon to look at an old root canal. We'll see.

But I went. And John has permission to nag me about flossing.

Right now, the right side of my mouth is numb. I really hate this feeling.