March 8th, 2005


My body's warranty has expired.

I'm sure of it.

It's just not fair.

(this is a whine, be warned).

I'm eating healthier and taking better care of myself than I have in decades, I've lost 40 pounds, and my blood pressure has suddenly decided it needs to be high? All the time I was fat and not doing anything about it, it was perfectly normal. Start losing weight and working out, and it goes up. Yesterday, it was up to 160/120. Only Moderately hypertensive, according to the charts, but very high for me.

Whine. whine. whine. Resolve.

So, every night, without fail, I'm taking a walk. I haven't been exercising as much as I should since we moved, and it's time to get back on it.

Step away from the salt shaker. I don't need to restrict my normal salt intake, but I need to not add salt to things. This is easier said than done--especially in the case of hard boiled eggs.

Ease up on the caffeine. Studies show that when your blood pressure is normal, caffeine has little or no effect. However, when blood pressure is elevated, caffeine does have an effect, so I'm limiting it to two caffeinated beverages a day. Thank goodness for that Tazo Tea sampler set I got for Christmas. coyotegirl got to listen to me whine yesterday, and suggested that I treat it as a celebration of Herbal Tea. Today's sample: African Redbush. And the Tazo comments on the back---Some say all human beings descended from a single African primate named Lucy. If it's true, she probably enjoyed taking a break from the kids with a soothing Tazo Red Bush tea

Get back serious about losing weight. Just do it. And now, since Flexible Spending (at least my plan) will cover my weight watchers fees (with my doctor's certification that I need to lose weight), I'm locked into it. The money's spoken for. I need to go and use it. I KNOW the plan works when I do it. I just need to really do it, rather than screw around and kinda do it.

Luckily, I have the sweetest and most supportive boyfriend in the world, who will remind me that it's much better to be healthy and live long than the alternative.
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