February 10th, 2005


Spring, Just like Winter. Only Warmer. With Flowers.

Mmmm. I love the Flower Show.

For me, it's the real sign that spring is here. And I create more work for myself by buying things that should be planted real.soon.now--which is a bit problematic since I don't have the beds dug. But the edger tool I bought from Lee Valley will be here in a week or so, and I can start cutting sod. Whee! Fun!

So far, I've resisted the call of the limited edition purple atlas gloves. Is it worth an additional 3 bucks for a funky color? Hrm.

As usual, we were there when the show opened at 9, and stayed until well after 4. Glorious hours of looking at displays, shopping, visiting with friends (after several years, you get to know your favorite vendors) and generally having fun. I'll post a list, later tonight, of the goodies acquired.

Upstairs, in the educational section, we stopped by the Kubota Gardens Foundation. Kubota Gardens is located about 4 blocks from my house. I told the woman staffing the booth that I had just moved into that neighborhood. She asked "Where?". I said "just off of Prentice." She says "The blue house?". Turns out she owns property right on my block (I'm still not sure if she actually lives on my block, or just in the neighborhood). I'm also thinking people are going to miss having the blue house as a navigational tool. I mean, it's blue. Think the color of a flourescent blue highlighter. That's it. It was fun, though.

And I resisted the siren call of the Orchids. I just don't think my house is a good one for orchids. It's a little drafty when it's cold, and not humid. So I resisted. The best place ever for orchids was my apartment up by Virginia Mason. Radiator heat that worked night and day, summer and winter. North and West light through big open windows. The orchids loved it.

Woke up today (too damned early, had a seminar downtown at 7:30--the time we normally leave) feeling a little bit like a cold is trying to take over my head. I'm stuffed and have that itchy eye and throat thing going on. Book club for a while tonight (This month's book The Life of Pi by Yann Martel. My favorite description? "This is Kon-Tiki written by a mystic") and then home and to bed at a decent hour.

But at least tomorrow's Friday! Woo.
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