December 24th, 2004


School's Out!

No more work (officially, at least) for the rest of the year!

Woo! Active Voice closes each year, the week between Christmas and New Years.
Some people grumble, at having to take 3 days of vacation (the company tosses in two holidays), but I don't mind at all. For the price of 3 vacation days, I have 6 business days off work. YAY!

John has to work a couple days next week, so I might actually go in and do some stuff while it's quiet and peaceful....or I may just stay at home. We'll see how I feel on Monday morning.

Doors came off the new fridge easily. I just measured, and, yup, we'll have to take the doors off the old one to get it out the door, but that shouldn't be too bad. John's about to head out for reinforcement brawn and an appliance dolly. I'm going to stay home, empty out the fridge (again) and get ready for the appliance shuffle.

Then it's off for grocery shopping, load up the new fridge, and put up the christmas tree. Yeah, it's Christmas Eve. That's traditionally when my family put up the tree each year. When I was little, Santa brought the tree (how they did that, I haven't a clue). Then, for a while, we'd "help" Santa by picking out the tree, but he'd still put it up. We just have a little tree, but it's our first tree in our new house. You'd think we'd be tired of that phrase by now, but we're not. It's still exciting, new and fun...