December 19th, 2004


Sunday? Already?

Man, where did this week go?

At least, it's only 4 more days of work and then I'm off until January 3, which will be heavenly.

I'm thinking that this week at the office will be fairly quiet. Lots of people are taking both this week and next.

On the home front, we haven't done any painting this week, but we have unpacked more things, and done more sorting. The major accomplishment was getting my car smogged (she passed!) and licensed. Woo. We've lived with one car for so long, that we might just sell it. There's someone who's expressed interest, so we'll see. I didn't have a car of my own for years and years. I lived close in, parking was expensive or a hassle, and I just didn't need it. If I wanted to go somewhere, I could rent a car for the weekend.

Then I started dating someone who lived in Renton, and it just wasn't fair that he had to do all the driving. (yeah, it's been a while). So, I got a car again, and within a couple months, he moved into the city, and then into my house. And when the car failed emmissions testing a year ago, I just didn't bother with it....John got it running this summer, and we finally got it licensed.

Our other big adventure this weekend was getting the new fridge. Since my (now former) boss remodeled her kitchen, she sold us her gently used side-by-side fridge. Today, we climbed into the uhaul, gathered Gordon and went to get it. First off, it was too tall to stand up in the Uhaul. That's okay, we'd just let it sit upright to let the freon settle.

Get home, get it out of the truck, up 5 of the 6 stairs (well, I was opening doors and helping whereever directed), and it becomes clear it needs to come through the door sideways. Down 3 stairs, turn it, back up....the front door needs to come off the hinges to allow the handles to come through. YAY! it's inside, sliding across the carpet to the kitchen, where we discover it won't go through the door. D'oh. I mean, there's a fridge in there, I never thought about it not fitting through the door! So, it's happily sitting in the dining room. The old fridge got re-hooked up to the water, turned back on and is happily humming away.

John's going to disassemble the doors, and hopefully it'll go through that way. Yes, we'll measure first. If it doesn't fit, anyone want to buy a nice side-by-side refrigerator?? :)

Braved Target (and found exactly what I wanted), John braved Best Buy and found exactly what he wanted, we went and found the perfect little christmas tree (which they knocked a few bucks off because it's teeeny (about 4 feet), and have spent a nice quiet evening at home, with a fire, comfy loungy pants and a big pot of potsticker soup.

Life is good. Even if we do have a fridge in the dining room.