December 13th, 2004


Making the House a Home....

...part of that, for us, involves having people over. It's friends and family and good times that help make our house a home.

I finished baking cookies before midnight, got the kitchen mostly cleaned up and collapsed into bed, after making a full list for Sunday morning.

Got up and moving, but was not ready for company when the doorbell rang at 12:30. Fortunately for me, it was tarsyddad, who simply asked "what can I do?" and got put to work. She wins the prize as best invisible friend ever. ;)

By 1:30, the house was brimming with people and sweets. I love the whole idea of the cookie exchange. Bake a dozen dozen of your favorites, and share them with friends. Everyone takes home a dozen dozen assorted favorites, has a chance to just sit and chat for a while and (for some of us) dive headlong into the holiday season.

We did informally discuss enlarging the group. Right now, we're at about 15 regulars (this is the 3rd year), of whom 11-12 participate any given year. We're at about critical mass as far as exchanging dozens of cookies, but next year may take a look at including more people (it's not personal, honest), and maybe reducing the amount per package, or something.

By 6 pm, the house had cleared out, the dishwasher was full and running, the cats had re-emerged from whereever they had been hiding and there were a lot of delicious sweets on the table. John built me a fire--the first one in our new fireplace, and we watched it and listened to the wind howl. We decided that we needed some vegetables for dinner, so ran to Safeway and then made Pot Sticker Soup, an easy and tasty favorite, and watched a couple Daily Shows from the TiVo. Then, it was time for a long, hot bubble bath for me, and for John to laugh at Dr. Venture.

Today has been one of those days where motivation is fleeting, at best. I've basically given up on the day, and am planning my full-on onslaught for tomorrow.

But it's nice to know I'm going home to a house that looks a little more organized, and that we can slowly work through the pile of stuff in the back bedroom.
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