December 11th, 2004


Shoot me now....or at least laugh with me.

If I ever have it in my head to host a holiday gathering two weeks after moving into a new house, just hose me down. :)

Wait, since I never plan to move again, that shouldn't be an issue.

Luckily, everyone should expect the house to be chaos. The kitchen is painted, except for doors and drawers. The ugly carpet (affectionately called "dropcloth") is still in, but it's okay. It's a work in progress, right?

It probably would be amusing to be a fly on the wall watching me bake tonight. I *love* to bake. I love getting all the stuff out, getting the recipe together and actually making whatever I'm making. However, when you have to go searching boxes in the basement to try to find simple things like measuring cups, pot holders and mexican vanilla (all of which I did find, in different boxes, thank goodness that snorklet labels boxes the way I think) , it makes things a little more interesting. Then discover that the kitchenaid has a grounded plug, in your house of no grounded outlets, steal the "cheater adapter" from the fridge for the time it takes to mix up the cookies and Voila! The 6th dozen of Mom's Fat Chocolate Chocolate Chips is baking away.

In between loading cookie sheets, I'm picking things up, pulling down blue masking tape (my kitchen is now a lovely celery ice color-hooray!!), and wishing I could conjur up a christmas tree. It's not going to happen tomorrow morning, so I'll use the lovely little rosemary tree that snorklet sent me. It's festive, it's tree shaped and it smells good.
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