December 8th, 2004


Paint your head.

Painting, painting, painting.

We were naively optimistic in estimating how long painting the entire interior of the house would take. But we're having fun.

The bedroom is done. It needs some touch up, but that'll need to wait for a sunny day. In the evening dusk, you can't tell the spots we missed. :)

The office has had a coat of primer and a coat of paint. My painting-learned friends tell me that with a dark red we can expect to put 3-5 coats of paint up there before it's the dark, deep, smooth shade we want. Whoops. Luckily, it's not a huge room.

The kitchen should be finished (except for doors and drawers and crown moulding) tonight.

Over the holiday vacation (Active Voice is closed from Dec 24 to Jan 3), I'm hoping to get most of the living room and dining room finished. John has to work, so it'll just be me and the cats. We can do it. :)

But it's home. And feeling more like home every day.
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