November 16th, 2004


Painting Party at John and Meg's

Instead of going to lirrin's this weekend, we're holding a competing party! Woo! (not really, we'd love to go to Vancouver, but we need to stay home and paint).

So, if you're in town this weekend, and feeling at a loose end, come on over. We'll be painting. We have many many different rooms and colors to select from. We have taping. We have painting. We have cutting in. We have spackling and sanding. We have lots and lots to do.

Please let us know if you want to join us, and we'll set you up with directions and such and be sure we have enough paintbrushes, rollers and paint pans to go around.

It'll be fun. Honest.

Oh, and we'll feed you. Not as well as lirrin will feed you, but we'll feed you.

For a sick girl *cough* *hack* *wink* *sniffle* (co-workers, don't tell on me!), I'm accomplishing lots today. We met with the contractor this morning, got the oil changed in the Rav4, stopped by Costco (and out for under $30, a new world record!), on the 3rd load of laundry, packed boxes, put a load in the car to drop off at the house when I head out to pick up John. Now it's time to get back to packing!
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