November 14th, 2004


Have Nursery, will travel.

This weekend, the majority of the plants migrated from Queen Anne to Rainier View.

Kinda of like the sparrows returning to San Juan Capistrano, but a hell of a lot more work.

Many thanks to unmisha and tarsyddad for the company, good humor, and hard work.

Yesterday, we moved 15 flats of plants, and various assorted sticky, ornamenty and shiny things.

Today, we moved three very full pickup loads of pots, plants and other various garden stuff.

Met the neighbors on both sides of us, and only swore loudly, once, when a pot of lilies executed a perfect nosedive.

Another good pickup load should move the rest of the pots, and then the garden is officially home.

Replanting it all? A totally different project.

Pictures when I remember to take the camera over. Suffice to say, the entire back patio by the outdoor fireplace looks like a little nursery, with plants and pots in nice neat rows.
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