November 7th, 2004


Digging works your muscles.

First off, a big thank you to the gods of weather. It's been a most excellent weekend for the things I needed to do.

unmisha is my hero. With her help yesterday, we dug about 70% of the rest of my garden.
Man, I have a lot of plants, and I'm not leaving them here. We dug up my new hebe that the landlord (or his father, or someone else) thoughtfully planted in the front yard earlier this week. (It had been sitting in a pot in the front yard). I'm not leaving it here. You can't fool me by planting it. It's not yours, it's mine.

Man, I have a lot of plants. When I first moved here, I was good, and did most of my planting in containers. But over the last 5 years, I've expanded, and the beds, well, they were full. But just think of the money I'll save at the new house, with big, lush, well-grown perennials!

After John and Misha left to go game, I packed about 10 boxes of kitchen-related stuff. Man, I have a lot of dishes and stuff. :)

Today I dug 75% of the remaining 30% of my garden that was left to dig .Still have to do the one last bed by the back door (columbines, daisies and perennial geraniums) and the veggie beds (turn the lettuce into a pot of lettuce, transplant the fennel, and empty the beds. The new tenant wants to park more cars there. It's okay, we were planning on taking them with us anyway! I made sure that everything dug yesterday was appropriately repotted, which took about half of the dirt in the smaller of the two raised beds. Gave away a flat of geum--and still have 3 flats to move to the new house (and can dig more, if I decide to). My back patio looks like I run a nursery--but I like it.

Unfortunately, the insides of the house didn't pack themselves while I was working outside. A girl can wish, right? But John got more done, and did laundry. YAY!

Time to take preventive motrin because I know I'm going to ache tomorrow.
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