October 3rd, 2004



I don't usually go to the ballgame and cry.

Even as badly as the Mariners played this year.

But today, today was the end of an era, with it being the last game that Edgar Martinez will play. I've loved Edgar as long as I can remember, back when he had that dashing mustache and hunky arms....He's truly the epitome of a sportsman---hard working, respectful, respected and a team player. He's going to be missed.

And both Bob and I had tears running down our faces after his last at bat---and when he came out to tip his hat to the crowd, one last time.

It was also fun to watch Ichiro extend the history making run of single season hits to 262, surpassing the old record of 257, set many decades ago by George Sisler. Yes, the season is a little longer, but there's lots of other things that have changed, too. When Sisler set the record, there really wasn't such a thing as a long reliever, a set-up man or a closer. The pitcher who started the game finished the game--meaning that you had a tireder pitcher who would be easier to hit in the later innings. Also think of the advancements in equipment for fielding. While balls and bats haven't really changed much (Sisler used a 42 oz bat, Irchiro uses a 31 oz bat), fielding mitts have changed dramatically. In Sisler's day, a mit basically was a padded leather glover. Today's mitts extend the fielder's reach a good 4 inches, making it easier for the fielders to retrieve more balls. (And Yes, this was a discussion at the ballgame today). I think it all kinda of evens out, making the achievement really and truly stupendous.

I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow. Luckily, for me, it's a short week, with a day off on Tuesday, and a day at a seminar on Wednesday. And the next week is also a short week, with the Master Gardener's Convention starting on the 14th. Woo!

Now, off to bed, so I can roust myself (and John) out in the morning with time to go to the gym.
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