September 9th, 2004


Take me out *yawn* to the Ball game....

You'd think, with Ichiro extending his hitting streak, 2 home runs by Edgar and one by Boonie that it would be an exciting ball game.

Not really.

It seemed to go forever...and we lost 9-5.

But it was fun to be out at the ballpark with friends, eat horribly over-priced dingleberries (strawberries on a stick, dipped in chocolate) and drink hot chocolate.

It's been the week of not going home after work.

Tuesday was a sneak preview for Seattle Cinema members of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (co-sponsored by the Science Fiction Museum). You need to see this movie. Gorgeous. Pretty. Homage to the film noir of the 30s and 40s in comic book style with incredibly cgi. I loved it. I especially loved running into the filmmaker, standing in the lobby, as I dashed out, not being able to wait to go visit the little girl's room any longer. "Is it bad? Are you leaving?" he asked. "It's great", I answered "I just have to pee!" and sprinted across the lobby so I could get back.

Last night, baseball.

Tonight, a facial with snorklet, and then dinner with cheesepuppet and whoever else shows up!

We've promised that we're going to the gym tomorrow morning, so feel free to nag.

I finally officially broke the 40 pound barrier. There's now 40.6 pounds less of me than there was when I started Weight Watchers. 17% less Meg. I'm happy about that.
I sometimes wish it was going faster (there's one girl, who I swear loses 17 pounds a week), but it's going, and it's all good. Yay!
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