September 5th, 2004


The way it goes... far, i'm not getting done the things I planned to get done this weekend, but I am getting things done.

Yesterday, went to SAM to see the VanGogh to Mondrain exhibit. Very very cool. I'm glad we went, even though it was pretty crowded.

Came home, John headed over to Gordon's, and I got a bee in my bonnet to rearrange the living room, despite my sore back (which actually felt better for the movement). All of the electronic equipment is now on one unit, and it's a little more compact. I moved the couch around, and flipped the tv etc from one side of the room to another. I think I like it.

I was appalled, though, at the number and size of dust bunnies hiding under the sofa, along the wall and in the corners. Man alive!

Today, I've done some major sorting on piles of jumbled stuff in the office. Sophia is happily sleeping in the totally cleaned-out purple chair, which, only hours ago, was an unstable pile of junk! We'll have to invest more time in here tomorrow....and go to the gym.

But for now, I think it's time for more motrin (truly God's gift to mankind), and heading to bed, while John defends justice in City of Heroes.