August 31st, 2004



I could use a nap. We got up early to go to the gym (yay, us!), but now the urge to nap is overwhelming.

I picked up a Glaceau VitaminWater in the revive flavor--which claims to be fruit punch. It tastes like watered down nasty old cough medicine. Yuck. Guess I'll just have to take pills to get my B vitamins.

Went to sushi-lunch with a co-worker today. Nice to get out and vent about work. :) And then nice to turn the subject to totally different things and forget about work. And share mochi ice-cream. Yum yum yum.

After work tonight, a bunch of us are heading to the Fox Sports Grill to watch the end of the USA/Canada World Cup Hockey Game. Should be fun.

Then, after I get home, I get to make pickles. Yay for homemade garlicky dilly pickles. hiddeneye, do you have a good bread and butter pickle recipe?
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pickling shouldn't hurt...

Not bad, to get home at 8 pm, and by 11 have 8 quarts and 4 pints of pickles done (well, within 5 minutes of done).

That included a trip to Safeway for more vinegar.

They're awfully pretty, but I sure wouldn't want to be a pickle packer for a living. Those cucumbers have a mind of their own!

I really need to get some tomatoes and get some more spaghetti sauce and salsa made. All that salsa I made last year? We're down to less than half a dozen half pints of it left. Salsa Rationing!

okay, off to pull off the last 6 jars of pickles, and go crawl into bed.

USA lost to Canada (who were wearing really ugly yellow jerseys) in the first round of World Cup of Hockey Play. Several co-workers and I went over to Fox Sports Grill to watch. It was fun. We really need to reintroduce that aspect of friendship and comaraderie back into our workplace.
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