August 15th, 2004


A well-rounded day.

Afternoon Tea at the Georgian Room---many yummy, delicious things to munch on, even if I am a heathen and spilled many tea leaves into my cup. Totally enjoyable company of unmisha, our birthday girl; snorklet, roobug, lorij, raine_wynd and gymgeek. Until typing that, I didn't realize that we were ALL LJ users.

Put-put golf at the Interbay Golf Course (our winner had a 62, with a course par of 42!), followed by chowder and peach slump (two different dishes, silly) at Chinooks.

Today, I should try to be more productive, but seeing as it's already 10:30, and we're heading to Puyallup to return the cooler we borrowed for camping in Montana, I'm not seeing much hope. :) And that's not totally a bad thing.
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