June 27th, 2004



Going to the lake to swim at 7:15 this morning seemed like a really good idea in the bright sunshine yesterday afternoon.


Right now, I'm not sure what I was thinking. But I'm up, I'm dressed, and I'm ready to go. That lake, I'm afraid, is going to be chilly.

But 3 weeks from today *eeks* I'll be down at the race site, waiting to start my swim.

Today, after a quick lake workout, we're meeting Gordon, Tessa, Gregg, Peter and who knows who else and going to the Pride Parade for the first time in years. Should be fun.

Foiled again.

We had good intentions, honest.

Got down to the park, and it was all in the process of being closed off for a fundraiser walk/run.
So we went for a donut and coffee instead.

Off to the parade!