June 21st, 2004


Nekkid Bicyclists, Snuggling & Paella.

Life is good, when you get all three of those in a weekend. :)

The Fremont Solstice Parade was Saturday, and as usual, was great fun. The paper said that there were about 50 naked bicyclists this year--most all painted with great body paint. In the words of one of the organizers "Unless you have really interesting birthmarks, it's best to cover up with paint". It's really tempting to make that a goal in a couple years--to be accepting enough of my own body to paint it wildly and bicycle nekkid. *grin*

Lots of other fun things in the parade too. srallen and his drum and his drumming and dancing friends, people powered elephants, the bubble man, political statements and families who just got dressed up and became part of the parade. I love it.

After the parade, we headed home, and snuggling ensued. :)

Sunday, we spent the day with gymgeek's family, celebrating Father's Day and his Great-Aunt Carolyn's birthday. Much food and wine was had by all. John got to "help" make the paella, which was excellent.

Today, I'm trying to ignore the fact that the weather is perfect, and concentrate on getting things done in the office. But at the stroke of 5:30, I'm out the door! My wonderful, wonderful boyfriend left work early to stop at storage to get our window fans. The weather is gorgeous, but our poorly insulated house does get a trifle warm. Fans make for more comfortable snuggling.